AlteSilâ„¢ Microbore Silicone Tubing

Manufactured from our high tear-strength peristaltic grade of silicone elastomer to precision tolerances of +/-0.05mm and consistant wall thickness making it ideal for use in:

• Automated Analytical Chemistry
• Dosing and Dispensing Systems
• Peristaltic Pumps

Supplied in coils of 15m.
  • AlteSilâ„¢ Microbore Silicone Tubing
  • AlteSilâ„¢ Microbore Silicone Tubing
  • AlteSilâ„¢ Microbore Silicone Tubing
  • AlteSilâ„¢ Microbore Silicone Tubing

Material Specification

Tensile Strength 9.5 Mpa (Standard AFNOR NF T 46- 002) Tear Strength 38 kN/m (Standard ASTM D 624 A)
Hardness 50º Shore 'A' (Standard ASTM D 2240) Density 1.13 g/cm³ (at 25ºC)
Elongation at Break 640% (Standard AFNOR NF T 46- 002) Compression set 34% (22h/ 177°C/ 25%) (Standard ASTM D 395 B)
Temperature Range -55ºC to 220ºC Electrical Generally to BS2848
Colour Translucent Cure Method Peroxide
Material Grade Food Contact and Biomedical Drinking Water Contact Conformity • Germany: KTZ regulation part 1.3.13.
Food Contact Conformity • United States: US- FDA- CFR 21- part 177. 2600
• France: Journal Officiel – Brochure 1227– order dated 25 November 1992.
• Germany: BGVV XVA and LIIA.
• Italy: Gazetta Ufficiale – law dated 1973 and addendum.
Medical Conformity Basic biological studies; cytotoxicity, irritation, sensitisation and hemocompatibility,
required by directive 93/42 CE dated June 14 1993, relative to medical devices and USP Class VI of US, have been carried out on the cured raw material.
Disclaimer In all cases it is the customer’s responsibility to verify conformity of the product with the tests imposed by the appropriate end-use regulations. All Altec products are supplied non-sterile for use in non-patient-connected applications.

Product Range

Bore  Wall  Product Code Price (+VAT)
per Coil/15m
0.254mm 0.914mm 116-R497-04 £43.28 In Stock.
0.381mm 0.914mm 116-R497-05 £43.28 In Stock.
0.508mm 0.914mm 116-R497-06 £43.28 In Stock.
0.635mm 0.914mm 116-R497-07 £43.28 In Stock
0.762mm 0.914mm 116-R497-08 £43.28 In Stock.
0.889mm 0.914mm 116-R497-09 £43.28 In Stock.
1.016mm 0.914mm 116-R497-10 £43.28 In Stock.
1.143mm 0.914mm 116-R497-11 £43.28 In Stock.
1.295mm 0.914mm 116-R497-12 £43.28 In Stock.
1.524mm 0.914mm 116-R497-14 £43.28 In Stock
1.651mm 0.914mm 116-R497-15 £43.28 In Stock
1.854mm 0.914mm 116-R497-16 £43.28 In Stock.
2.057mm 0.914mm 116-R497-17 £43.28 In Stock
2.286mm 0.914mm 116-R497-18 £43.28 In Stock
2.540mm 0.914mm 116-R497-19 £43.28 In Stock
2.794mm 0.914mm 116-R497-20 £43.28 In Stock.