Hotplates and Stirrers

A selection of models produced to the highest specifications.
Standard features include:
• Safety first design and performance. • Full CE mark compliance.
• Chemically resistant easy-clean ceramic top. • Fast heat up.
• Independent temperature limiter to protect against overheating.
• Powerful stirring action. • Optional retort rod and clamp.
• Pack of 2 x 25mm PTFE coated stir-bars.
Additional Premium Range features include:
• "Hot" warning light - even when switched off.
• Accurate electronic temperature control.
• Electronically regulated stir speed and acceleration.

General Specification

Power Requirements 220-240v 50Hz single phase Maximum Plate Temperature 450°C
Boil Capacity 1.5 litres of water maximum Case Die Cast Aluminium
Plate Glass-Ceramic Guarantee 12 months