Painless Prototyping

Bringing your new products to life can be a burdensome, time-consuming and costly business.

We recognise this and have a number of initiatives to bring down the lead-time and development cost for new extruded components.

Our extensive stock range
No other manufacturer has as wide a range of stock tubing and associated products to call on. We'll gladly send you samples from our stock or supply small quantities at a nominal cost. You can even return what you don't use.

Our sample library
Our sample library holds retained samples from every batch of extrusion we have ever made! Ask us - because we've probably done something very similar before.

Our 3D print Lab
Our 3D printing lab is equiped with all the latest FDM prototyping equipment, so we can often print short samples of extrusions. We're even planning a print farm for short production runs. All with no tooling costs.

Trial runs
If none of these are suitable then we'll happily run a trial quantity at minimal cost. We don't have a minimum quantity - we'll gladly quote for 1m! We can often make inexpensive tooling just to prove your ideas.

Hire an extrusion line!
If you're not quite sure where you are heading we can even hire you a one of our 14 extrusion lines to play with. You can then take control, deciding sizes, materials, colours, quantities - the day is yours.

We'll provide a senior technician and operator who'll take direction from you, and guide you on what's possible, and what's not.

We'll carefully discuss your aims prior to your trial to make sure you get the best value out of your day. We'll keep you safe, you'll work hard but learn a lot. You'll take away armfulls of product to play with.

We can work with your materials or use ours. For development projects polymer manufacturers are often delighted to supply free material for testing!