AlteSilâ„¢ Braid Reinforced Silicone Hose

Manufactured from general purpose silicone with a polyester braid, for use where the combination of high pressure and temperatures up to 160ºC would destroy other clear hoses.

Material Specification

Tensile Strength 10 MPa
Tear Strength 20 KN/m
Hardness 70º Shore 'A'
Density 1.15 g/cm³
Elongation at Break 550%
Maximum Temperature 160ºC
Minimum Temperature -40ºC
Material Grade Food
Electrical BS2848
Colour Translucent

Product Range

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Bore  Wall  Working Pressure at 20°C    Price (+VAT)
per Metre
Availability Product Code
3.00mm2.50mm90PSI £14.35 In Stock. 01-92-1382
6.00mm2.95mm100PSI £18.95 In Stock. 01-92-1373
6.35mm4.65mm150PSI £17.77 In Stock 01-92-1395
8.00mm3.20mm145PSI £23.95 In Stock. 01-92-1374
9.50mm3.20mm145PSI £24.96 In Stock. 01-92-1375
12.50mm3.20mm85PSI £32.50 In Stock. 01-92-1376
16.00mm4.80mm60PSI £46.20 In Stock. 01-92-1377
19.00mm5.80mm60PSI £60.53 In Stock. 01-92-1378
25.00mm6.00mm50PSI £78.68 In Stock. 01-92-1380
Coil lengths are random. Please specify minimum continuous length required when ordering.