Heavy Duty Tube Clips

Heavy duty natural Nylon tube clips for applications involving greater loads or connections of a critical nature. Single sided design allows for use where space is limited.


To Fit OD max. 'A' 'B' 'C' 'D' 'E'
3.2mm 2.92mm 2.92mm 7.80mm 17.15mm
4.8mm 4.37mm 4.37mm 8.33mm 18.59mm
6.3mm 5.94mm 5.94mm 9.30mm 20.14mm
7.9mm 7.54mm 7.54mm 10.16mm 21.82mm
9.5mm 9.12mm 9.12mm 10.92mm 23.11mm
11.1mm 10.72mm 10.72mm 11.68mm 24.89mm
12.7mm 12.30mm 12.30mm 12.50mm 26.52mm

Product Range

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To Fit OD max. 'A'   Price (+VAT)
per Pack/10
Availability Product Code
3.2mm £1.82 In Stock APHDTC1250
4.8mm £1.94 In Stock APHDTC1720
6.3mm £1.94 In Stock APHDTC2340
7.9mm £2.04 In Stock APHDTC2970
9.5mm £2.16 In Stock APHDTC3590
11.1mm £1.26 In Stock APHDTC4220
12.7mm £2.39 In Stock APHDTC4840