Plastic Hose Clips

A range of low-pressure plastic hose clips moulded in Nylon 66. These clamps require no special tools, are tough, corrosion resistant and resilient and can be fitted after the tube is in place.

Product Range

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Ø Tightening Range  Width 'A'   Price (+VAT)
per Pack/10
Availability Product Code
5.97-6.60mm5.6mm £3.00 In Stock APHC0250
13.7-15.4mm5.6mm £3.30 In Stock APHC0531
18.5-21.1mm5.6mm £3.30 In Stock APHC0750
26.2-30.1mm7.9mm £3.86 In Stock APHC1031
31.8-36.2mm7.9mm £5.57 In Stock APHC1250
35.7-40.9mm10.3mm £6.58 In Stock APHC1406
40.5-46.0mm8.7mm £6.70 In Stock APHC1593
45.5-53.6mm10.3mm £6.93 In Stock APHC1687
47.5-54.0mm10.3mm £7.27 In Stock APHC1875
53.8-60.7mm10.3mm £7.27 In Stock APHC2125
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