Testo 926 - Digital Thermometer

A compact, robust, digital thermometer providing quick and accurate temperature measurement from -50┬░C to +400┬░C. A wide range of corded probes makes the instrument ideal for many applications in laboratories, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, food production and processing.

In addition, the instument can be upgraded for use with a range of wireless probes, offering exceptional ease of use. Wireless operation has a range of 20 metres.

Maximum and minimum values are available at the touch of a button. With the optional Testo printer, on-site temperature documentation is quick and simple. When used with water-tight probes and fitted with the optional TopSafe protective case, the Testo 926 is water-tight to IP68.

Instruction manual included. Probes for use with meters must be ordered separately.

Features Compared

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Suitable Sensor Type T (CuCu-Ni) or NTC if radio immersion/penetration probes are used.
Measuring range -50 to +400┬░C
Accuracy ┬▒1 Digit ┬▒0.3┬░C (-20 to +70┬░C) ┬▒0.7┬░C ┬▒0.5 % of mv (remainder)
Resolution 0.1┬░C (-50 to +199.9┬░C) 1┬░C (remainder)
Operating temperature -20 to +50┬░C
Storage/transport temp. -40 to +70┬░C
Battery Type 1 x 9v PP3 (included)
Battery lifetime 200 hours (connected probe, backlight off) 45 hours (wireless mode, backlight off) 68 hours (connected probe, backlight always on) 33 hours (wireless mode, backlight always on)
Dimensions 182 x 64 x 40 mm
Weight 171g
Warranty 2 years

Product Range

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Testo 926 £102.06 In Stock 132-8125
Topsafe Protective Case for Testo 926 £20.60 In Stock 133-7825
NOTE: Accuracy and range figures are applicable to the Testo 926 meter only, consideration must also be given to limitations of individual probes when assessing overall accuracy of readings obtained.

Temperature probes must be ordered separately.