Industrial Grade SantopreneĀ® Tubing

Industrial grade tubing which offers extreme durability, excellent resistance to weathering, abrasion and inorganic fluids and low gas permeability.

Material Specification

Tensile Strength 7.1 MPa
Hardness 64Āŗ Shore 'A'
Density 0.97 g/cmĀ³
Elongation at Break 440%
Temperature Range -20ĀŗC to 135ĀŗC
Colour Black

Product Range

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Bore  Wall  Coil Length    Price (+VAT)
per Metre
Availability Product Code
3.2mm1.6mm15m £2.51 In Stock. 127-6909
4.6mm2.55mm15m £3.30 In Stock 01-99-2056
6.3mm1.6mm15m £3.36 In Stock. 127-7103
8.0mm1.6mm15m £4.18 In Stock. 127-7297
9.5mm1.6mm15m £9.92 In Stock 127-7394
9.5mm3.2mm15m £9.94 In Stock. 127-7491
12.7mm3.2mm15m £10.70 In Stock. 127-7588
Only supplied in coil lengths shown. Please note 01-99-2056 is made from 55 Shore hardness material.