PTFE has excellent chemical resistance and the lowest co-efficient of friction of any solid plastic. This material is tough and flexible, has a non-stick surface and can be used at temperatures between -260°C and +260°C. PTFE is impervious to water, has very good electrical insulation properties and is non-flammable. Applications include; valve seats, gaskets, 'O' rings, back-up rings, linings, insulators and bushes.

Technical Specification

Colour White
Specific Gravity 2.13-2.18 g/cmÂł
Tensile Strength at Yield 250-300 N/mm²
Elongation at Break 250-450%
Modulus of Elasticity 350-630 N/mm²
Hardness (Shore D) 55-60
Co-efficient of Friction - to Steel - DRY 0.04 N/mm²
Melting Point 325°C
Thermal Conductivity 0.2-0.4 W/k-m
Maximum Operating Temp. 260°C
Minimum Operating Temp. -260°C
Co-efficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 14 x 10^-5 K^-1
Flammability (UL-94) V0
Volume Resistivity 10^18 ohm-cm
Dielectric Strength 65-85 Kv/mm
UV Resistance No attack
Resistance to Hot Water No attack
Resistance to Strong Alkali No attack
Resistance to Strong Acid No attack
Resistance to Chlorinated Hydrocarbons No attack

Product Range

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5mm1m1 Length £2.63 In Stock 109-4064
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10mm1m1 Length £5.48 In Stock 109-4355
12mm1m1 Length £8.51 In Stock 109-4452
25mm500mm1 Length £17.10 In Stock 109-5325
25mm1m1 Length £32.89 In Stock 109-4743
32mm1m1 Length £55.09 In Stock 109-4840
38mm500mm1 Length £37.23 In Stock 109-5519
38mm1m1 Length £71.25 In Stock 109-4937
40mm1m1 Length £83.07 In Stock 109-5034
45mm500mm1 Length £54.24 In Stock 109-5713
45mm1m1 Length £104.14 In Stock 109-5131
50mm500mm1 Length £62.37 In Stock 109-5810
50mm1m1 Length £119.35 In Stock 109-5228
65mm500mm1 Length £105.93 In Stock 109-5907
70mm300mm1 Length £70.40 In Stock 109-6004
80mm300mm1 Length £99.41 In Stock 109-6198
90mm300mm1 Length £116.42 In Stock 109-6295
100mm300mm1 Length £144.21 In Stock 109-6392
120mm300mm1 Length £206.86 In Stock 109-6586
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