Polyethylene Rod

This grade of polyethylene (UHMWPE) offers very good impact and wear resistance and continues to exhibit its key characteristics at temperatures as low as -200°C. It is impervious to water. Applications include; bearings, chain guides, pulleys, pump parts, sprockets and electrical components.

Technical Specification

Colour White/Translucent
Specific Gravity 0.93 g/cmÂł
Tensile Strength at Yield 20 N/mm²
Elongation at Break 50%
Modulus of Elasticity 600 N/mm²
Hardness (Shore D) 63
Melting Point 130°C
Thermal Conductivity 0.4 W/k-m
Maximum Operating Temp. 80°C (Long Term)/ 100°C (Short Term)
Minimum Operating Temp. -200°C
Co-efficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 20 x 10^-5 K^-1
Flammability (UL-94) HB
Volume Resistivity 10^14 ohm-cm
Dielectric Strength 20 Kv/mm

Product Range

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20mm1m1 Length £4.19 In Stock 108-6983
30mm1m1 Length £9.36 In Stock 108-7080
40mm1m1 Length £16.54 In Stock 108-7177
50mm1m1 Length £26.53 In Stock 108-7274
60mm1m1 Length £44.42 In Stock 108-7371
70mm1m1 Length £51.33 In Stock 108-7468
90mm1m1 Length £82.36 In Stock 108-7662
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