Self Adhesive Tube Clips

Self-adhesive, natural Nylon tube clips are a quick and simple way to install and route tubing.


Type To Fit OD max. 'A' Length 'B' Height 'C' Width 'D'
Single 3.2mm 12.5mm 5.5mm 9.5mm
Single 6.3mm 22.0mm 8.7mm 12.7mm
Single 9.5mm 25.4mm 12.1mm 15.9mm
Single 12.7mm 28.6mm 15.1mm 19.0mm

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Type  To Fit OD max. 'A'   Price (+VAT)
per Pack/10
Availability Product Code
Single3.2mm £3.08 In Stock APSTC13037
Single9.5mm £3.86 In Stock APSTC38562
Single12.7mm £4.21 In Stock APSTC50575